Do you think 10 times before you speak?

Do presentations make you nervous?

Missing opportunities because you lack confidence?

Talent and intelligence are not enough if you can’t express yourself and prove your worth. In the professional world, if you seem nervous or uncomfortable, your credibility drops. Your progress and visibility are heavily dependent on your ability to make your voice heard. It is very difficult to find an influential student, teacher, debater, manager, or leader who is NOT a good speaker.

But your fear of public speaking is holding you back.

Outspoken seeks to change the way people see themselves and the impact of their ideas. It is an intensive and interactive English Public Speaking Course, designed to help participants master communication skills, building their confidence to express themselves fearlessly and effectively.

Outspoken is not a typical lecture where the audience is simply told what to do. The participant is in the SPOTLIGHT during Outspoken, getting their hands dirty with in-class exercises as they march towards overcoming their fears and expressing their valuable ideas.

Most students do not have enough avenues to develop public speaking and effective communication. Outspoken offers a unique opportunity for participants to develop their public speaking skills using practical strategies, supervised exercises and one-on-one mentoring for gradual and substantial improvement.

So join us on 25-27 August, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia for an unforgettable weekend!

2.5 day Intensive Course: Friday (7pm - 9pm), Saturday & Sunday (9am - 4pm).

Venue: The Harmony Centre, Shop 48 The Mall, Heidelberg West VIC 3081

Don't think twice because there are ONLY 15 SEATS AVAILABLE!

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Still have questions? Contact: Ahmed: 0488 440 096 or Yasmin: 0421 223 151